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Find the Latest Reads on How to Lower Your Bills

Bills are a constant in life.  From your mortgage payment to your car payment to your monthly utility bills, LMB strives to provide you with the best information to help you in the everyday fight to lower your bills to save money and ensure you can pay your bills on time.

How to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill
How to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Reducing your spending and lowering your bills requires a team effort from every aspect of where your money goes every month. Whether you have some debt to reduce or you just want to live a savings lifestyle, minimizing your spending requires creating...

How to Lower Your Electric Bill
How to Lower Your Electric Bill

Many people pay their bills on autopilot without giving them a second thought. Bills are a necessary evil, after all, a rite of passage every adult has to learn to live with.  The average American pays nearly $112 a month in electricity bills. This averages out to...

The Best TV and Internet Bundles in 2020
The Best TV and Internet Bundles in 2020

The average American currently spends on average $100 each month on internet and cable. They also pay about $60 per month, on average, for internet access.  Are you tired of spending more than $100 per month on cable and internet service? If so, bundling these two...

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LowerMyBills is the one-stop destination that offers savings through relationships with service providers across multiple categories, including mortgage, credit cards, insurance, personal loan and home improvement services.

With LowerMyBills, consumers can easily research, compare and lower many of their monthly bills, free of charge. 

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